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The fastest growing travel industry segment is European River Cruising.  Everyone is offering specials to book 2019.  If you are a planner a header, this is for you.  I am working with 2 companies that are offering Free Airfares.  There are some restrictions.  But Free Air!  It’s not on every river cruise.  We are far enough ahead that you can set your vacation time and reserve your cruise.  Call me on this one.

Not so happy news.  There is a serious seaweed outbreak in the Caribbean right now that is affecting folks from Mexico to many of the islands.  What’s even more interesting, not every island is affect.  Some say it’s global warming.  Others deny it.  Either way, it’s there.  Call me and I’ll let you know the islands most affected.

Do you owe the feds?’t apply for a passport until you pay them.  They are blocking applications.  If you are a small corporation and owe no them nothing, be sure to file on time.  They are threatening passports and threating to seize property.  I’m no accountant or tax attorney.  Be sure to check with yours. 

I’ve just watched a 
Peter Greenberg Travel Video talking about Trip Advisor Reviews.  Some of these reviews, he says, you can take with a grain of salt.  Use your own judgement to decide what might be relevant and what’s not.

I look forward to be your personal travel agent and help plan your next marvelous vacation!

Happy Travels!

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