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Those Nasty Price Increases! 

It seems that every one of my recent newsletters is doing nothing more than highlighting the negative.  My reasoning, I don’t want to catch you off guard.
Here is the latest from the airlines Delta, American, United and Jet Blue have increased their baggage fees by $5.00.  What’s so interesting about this?  Last year, all the airlines combined made 19.55 billion dollars charging for seat upgrades and baggage fees etc.  Southwest made the least because their Early Bird Check-In is less than the others baggage fees.  At least with Southwest, you are paying extra for convenience.
The Disney Theme Parks have also entered the pricing game.  They are increasing prices for their most popular dates.  It’s called Date Based Pricing.  Look for higher prices on holidays and other special events. The idea is to try to increase business during off-peak times.  Now, they’ve just announced they’ve raised their food package prices.
Let’s not leave out the cruise lines.  Many of the majors have increased their gratuities paid by each guest for every day of their cruise.  This is not a must pay situation and you can protest if you like.  Most people let the cruise line add the gratuities to their final bill or pre-pay them.  Lastly, Royal Caribbean has just increased their drink package pricing.
The Oberammergau Passion Play for 2020 has people talking.  One neat way to see it is by booking a River Cruise!
Finally, to get the best airline prices, book your holiday travel now. 
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