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It's Happening... Travel Destinations Begin to Open!


Are you pent up and tired of being locked away at home?  It appears the worst is over and travel is on the way back.  There will be definite nuisance factors but it’s all in the name of safety.
I have found it impossible to follow everyone who plans to open and when.  I do feel confident in that fact that everything will be supper clean.  Staffs will be wearing masks and social distancing will be practiced whenever possible. 
The biggest news is that Las Vegas is slowly opening.  Our National Parks are opening.  Amtrak Vacations has some neat train tours to the National Parks.  Alaska might be lost to the major cruise lines, but there are tour companies and small ships offering vacations.

A US company offers River Cruises on the Mississippi and Columbia Rivers.  Disney is hoping to open in mid-July with reservations required.  Universal has just opened.  Please call me if you are interested in booking any of these.
What about traveling outside the US?  Here are my thoughts.  The idea of getting on an airplane and flying to Europe anytime soon, is not my idea of a good time.  Mexico and the Caribbean Islands are beginning to open.  As you know, I’m a Certified Sandals and Beaches Resorts Specialist plus a Palace Resorts Pro Specialist.  Call me if you are interested in any of these.  I’ll check on airfare and room availability.  Remember, final payment is due 45 days prior to departure, the Caribbean becomes excessively hot from mid-July through mid-September and then there’s Hurricane Season.  The best time to travel the Caribbean is from mid-October and beyond.   
That brings up the major cruise lines.  I’ve seen a slow hopeful start around August 1st with a few ships in each fleet.  Each cruise line has excellent cancellation and rebooking policies to take care of whatever happens.
The best way to avoid the confusion is to call me with your vacation plans.  We will discuss what is best for you and your family, so that Happy Travels will be yours.



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