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What You Need to Know to Travel

Now is the time to book Future Travel!  Lots of specials are being offered now.  

  • The major cruise lines continue to offer future bookings at great rates.
  • One major Caribbean resort management company is celebrating its 20th anniversary with rates that I’ve never seen before!

Remember, to travel outside the US, you must have a current passport with an expiration date longer than 6 months beyond the date of your return. You will need to be vaccinated and you will have to have a negative Covid-19 test before returning to the US.  Many countries are also requiring negative Covid-19 and form to be filled out to enter.  
Mexico so far is the only country I know of with no entrance requirements.

The Cruise Lines are following the CDC recommendations, 95% of passengers and 100% of crew members are to be vaccinated.  The 5% is made up of children who can’t be vaccinated.  

The European Countries are varied and seem to be changing daily.  The one constant throughout, you must be vaccinated.  

The only way to know the latest is to call me.  I won’t know what’s going on off the top of my head.  But I do know where to find it.

When booking future travel, here are a few tips.  For warm weather destinations, High Season begins just before Christmas and lasts through Easter.  This is the most expensive time to travel.  Here’s another hint and probably the most important.  If you are planning Holiday Travel anywhere, book it as soon as possible.  Planes and hotels will fill up.  The most active part of  Hurricane Season is August through mid-October.

Just remember, if all of this seems a bit much, I’m as close as a phone call away.


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