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Getting Married At Sandals Resorts

making it simple


Planning to be married at a Sandals Resort?  Want to know that all the details have been perfectly planned?  Here is where I am your valuable resource.  Now, I’ll tell you why. 
  • I have personal knowledge of the resorts I sell.  I’ve traveled to and stayed at the resorts and know exactly what you will expect.  I will help you match your expectations with the best resort.  Starting out on the right foot is most important. 
  • The last thing you want to deal with on your wedding day is unexpected events.  Have you ever heard someone talk about their “nightmare wedding”?  Their conversation is usually about those things that could have been avoided if only someone had told them ahead of time.  This is where my experience helps immensely.
  • During the planning stage, nothing happens until you book the room.  I will walk you through the booking process.  Once booked, we will then build the rest of your wedding itinerary.

Please call me and we work to make your wedding the most memorable ever.